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  • Pain 2 Performance

    Pain 2 Performance


    Chiropractor, Massage & Rehab

    About Us

    Whether it is helping an athlete return to the field or helping a retiree keep up with their grandchildren, at Pain 2 Performance, we focus on utilizing manual therapy, rehabilitation and patient education to help patients reach their goals. We do not just give your condition a label, we perform a detailed assessment to uncover the reasons why a condition has occurred. All movement requires contribution of multiple structures. Often times, pain occurs because certain areas are not contributing adequately. This results in an overload of other tissues which can lead to pain. To fix the pain and compensation, treatment should not focus only on the painful tissues, but also on the other areas that need to improve their contribution.

    Dr. Yoho grew up competing in multiple sports. He went on to become a nationally ranked swimmer, Division I athlete, and professional triathlete. Dr. Yoho also has experience as an NCAA swim coach at Texas A&M University, where he worked with 6 athletes who competed at the 2012 London Olympic Games, and as a strength & conditioning intern at the University of Houston. In the search for a greater understanding of biomechanics & physiology, he went on to chiropractic school at Logan University in St. Louis, MO, where he founded an organization to work with other students improving their understanding of biomechanics, manual therapy and rehabilitation.

    Rep/Contact Info

    Keith Yoho
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