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Canine Angels Service Teams


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About Us

We all know how valuable service dogs are to people with disabilities. They provide constant companionship and assistance with everyday tasks such as retrieving dropped items, opening doors, and getting help. Many organizations providing service dogs focus on adults.

Canine Angels Service Teams fills a unique niche in the service dog world by providing specially trained service dogs, at no cost, to children as young as 5. In our program, older children that demonstrate they can control the dog may qualify for public access to enhance their life experiences and maximize the benefits of having a dedicated canine companion.

In addition to providing companionship and unconditional love, our carefully selected and professionally trained dogs make a positive lifetime impact on children in becoming more self-sufficient, productive members of society as they reach adulthood. In helping these children, we don’t measure our success by counting how many receive our dogs. We focus on short, intermediate, and long-term observable outcomes designed to have a positive, life-time impact on the children.

Based in Oregon with operations in northern and southern California, our goal is to serve the west coast and beyond. Our organization is composed of highly trained and dedicated staff with a combined 88 years of experience in training dogs and helping children. Collectively, we have raised and trained more than 120 dogs to serve people in need.

We are all powered by our passion and commitment to create a better world for children with special needs.


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