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LifeWave ~ Gloria Crist

LifeWave ~ Gloria Crist

Health & Wellness

About Us

Have you heard of a non-invasive way to activate your own stem-cells?

Backed by clinical studies and 20 years of development our patented technology, the LifeWave X-39 patch activates and mobilizes the body’s stem cells, which can help support the natural wound healing process and immune function, elevate antioxidants, manage inflammation, stimulate the production of collagen.... and more!!!

Our patented, proprietary wellness products deliver more energy, better sleep, reduced stress, sharper mental focus and an overall feeling of youthful vitality.

We believe our transformative products and phenomenal business opportunities can help you approach each day with more drive, enthusiasm and passion. Because when you're at your best, you experience the world differently and new possibilities open up all around you.


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