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Riverbanks Media

Video Marketing

About Us

Video is the most engaging, most memorable type of media. For families, it allows us to preserve and relive our precious memories and family history. For businesses and organizations, it is a critical component of promoting and building your enterprise. Riverbanks Media is a video production company with you in mind. It is our goal to tell your story, whether personal or professional, in an engaging, entertaining, and effective way that creates a connection between you and your audience.

There are many types of and uses for video, and therefore our services cover a wide array. For individuals and families, we offer services such as video biographies, celebration of life videos, and event filming. For local businesses, our services include branding videos, client testimonials, company documentaries, video tutorials, real estate photography, aerial drone photos and video, animation videos, etc., that can be used on social media, advertising campaigns, company websites and more. Riverbanks Media is ready to help you build your business through the use of effective video campaigns.

We believe in helping families preserve their memories and helping local businesses be successful and grow to their full potential. We achieve that goal through thoughtful customer service and efficient, effective business practices. Browse our website and discover more information about our services, then call us to explore how Riverbanks Media can help you achieve our goals. It is estimated that 80% of internet traffic is video. Are they watching your videos? If not, let's get you started!


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Aerial Photo at Riverside Park
Drone Photo at Hidden Valley High School
Drone Photo for Client Lot on L Street
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